Alcohol, Caffeine and Fertility

*18,555 married women without a history of infertility for 8 years as they attempted to become (or became) pregnant.
*Intakes of alcohol and caffeine were unrelated to the risk of ovulatory disorder infertility.
*However, intake of caffeinated soft drinks was positively related to ovulatory disorder infertility.
*Similar associations were observed for noncaffeinated, sugared, diet, and total soft drinks.
*CONCLUSIONS: Findings do NOT support the hypothesis that alcohol and caffeine impair ovulation to the point of decreasing fertility.
The association between soft drinks and ovulatory disorder infertility seems not to be attributable to their caffeine or sugar content, and deserves further investigation.

*Epidemiology. 2009 May;20(3):374-81. Chavarro et al