Fertility medications are taken by patients to recruit follicles to produce more eggs and trigger ovulation.

Frequently prescribed fertility drugs include:

Follistim ®, Gonal-F ®: stimulation medication designed using recombinant DNA technology and replicates the hormone FSH that influences the growth of the follicles in the ovaries. These medications are taken by injection and used during IUI or IVF treatment.

Syringes and needles we recommend to use:
*Follistim pen/Gonal F pre-filled pen with standard needles included with the pens
Storage: refrigerator

Menopur ®
:stimulation medication/hormonal fertility drug that contains FSH and HCG which mimics LH -they influence the growth of the follicles in the ovaries.  It is extracted and purified from the urine of women following menopause and is also administered by injection.

​Syringes and needles we recommend to use:
*1 ml (cc) TB syringe w 27 gauge  ½ inch needle attached (Q caps for mixing)
Storage: Room temperature

Ganirelix ® & Cetrotide ®
hormonal fertility medications that are usually administered during IVF cycles to prevent the surge of the largest follicles (prevents premature ovulation).

Syringes and needles we recommend to use:
*pre-filled syringes with needles attached
Storage: Ganirelix:  Room temperature
Cetrotide: Refrigerator

Novarel ® & Ovidrel ® & Lupron Trigger ® 
-one of these medication is used as the “trigger shot” to induce ovulation at the end of the stimulation process.  Usually an insemination or egg retrieval is done approximately 36 hrs after the trigger shot.

​​Syringes and needles we recommend to use:
*pre-filled syringes with needles attached
Storage: Novarel: Room temperature
Ovidrel: Refrigerator
Lupron trigger: Refrigerator
SUBCUTANEOUS Injection – Ovidrel/Luron trigger
​INTRAMUSCULAR Injection – Novarel

Delestrogen / E2V ® – injection containing Estradiol which is a form of the hormone estrogen which is naturally produced by ovaries. It’s administered usually every 3 days IM and it serves to build the endometrial lining before embryo implantation.

Syringes and needles we recommend to use:
*1cc TB syringe w 18 gauge 1 ½ inch needle (withdraw) and 23 gauge(or 25 gauge) 1  ½ inch needle (inject)
Storage: Room temperature

Progesterone ® 
(in ethyl olate called also Gestone OR in sesame oil) –  injection contains the active ingredient progesterone, which is a naturally occurring female sex hormone. This injection is used in assisted reproduction and helps maintain early pregnancy in women who have had recurrent miscarriages.

Syringes and needles we recommend to use:
*3cc/ml syringe w 18 gauge 1 n ½ inch needle(withdraw) and  23 gauge (or 25 gauge) 1 n ½ inch needle(inject)
Storage: Room temperature

Lupron(Leuprolide Acetate) ® “2 week kit” 1mg/0.2ml 
– injection which dramatically lowers estrogen levels by regulating the body’s production of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH)

Syringes and needles we recommend to use:
* insulin syringe (withdraw and inject)
Storage: Refrigerator

Crinone 8% gel ® 
– Progesterone vaginal gel inserts used to help to prepare the uterus lining so that a fertilized egg can be implanted (attached to the uterus) and to maintain a pregnancy once a fertilized egg has been implanted.

Omnitrope ®
– injection also known as “growth hormone” is used to boost the follicle growth of poor responders to IVF treatment

Syringes and needles we recommend to use:
​*3ml syringe with  22 gauge needle (mix),1/2ml insulin syringe (inject)
Storage: Refrigerator after opening

Clomid, Serophene  (clomiphene citrate) ® 
: treats ovulatory dysfunction and is usually taken orally for five days starting on day 3,4 or 5 of the period .

General Subcutaneous Injections
General Intramuscular Injections


Ice before and after injecting, entire needle is injected in the fatty tissue, massage after


Warm up before injecting, inject fast as you are throwing an arrow, entire needle is injected to approach the muscle, pull back on the plunger to make sure there is no blood going into the syringe, inject medication, take out in a faster motion (if there is a blood coming into the syringe, you hit the vein and you should NOT inject the medication – take out and toss to biohazard container and start the entire process again)