The decision has been made and you will be visiting us to consult your fertility status, fertility issues, and/ or get a second opinion by Dr. DeUgarte.

The questions is – how to get the most out of the first visit?

1.Email your insurance card (front and back) to our financial department ( AHEAD of time so we can be clear on IF and WHAT and under what CONDITIONS is covered under your plan so it will be easier to talk about the future plan if needed.

If you know you are not covered or you are a cash patient, you will skip this step.

2.Gather as many medical records from your GYN/primary doctor/other infertility specialist as possible AHEAD of time and bring a copy to your appointment for Dr.DeUgarte to keep. If you will need us to fax the medical release form to your doctor’s office, please, download the form from the website and email to the front desk coordinator (

It’s beneficial to bring the following blood results:

Infectious panel (female/male), Gonorrhea/Chlamydia, Complete Blood Count, Prolactin, TSH, ABO/Rh, Antibody screen, Rubella/Varicella, E2, FSH, Pap smear, Vitamin D, Chemistry panel, Lipid panel, Genetic testing results for one of the partners), Semen analysis(male); depending on the age – mammogram, medical clearance to proceed with fertility treatment, EKG/stress test. The results should be as recent as possible (see the complete list here).

3.To save yourself some of the wait time, please, download and fill out the registration and survey forms and bring to your new patient appointment or email to the front desk coordinator ahead of time ( or you can also fax them to (310) 873-1803 – attention:front desk coordinator .

4.It is recommended to have your partner to accompany you to the initial appointment to discuss the journey, answer some additional questions and most importantly – to support you…however it is not mandatory.

5.The first visit time varies for numerous reasons. The actual office appointment lasts about 1 hour.

Forms for NEW IVF Patients / Intended Parents
CMD Fertility Survey IVF & IPs.pdf
CMD Registration Form IVF & IPs.pdf

Forms for NEW GYN Patients
CMD Gyn Registration Form.pdf
CMD Gyn Survey.pdf

Forms for NEW Egg Donors / Surrogates
CMD Registration Form ED & GS.pdf
CMD Gyn Survey ED & GS.pdf

IVF Cycle Consent Forms
Conventional couples: Conventional IVF / Disposition of embryos
Recipients(of donor eggs): Recipient / Embryo disposition
Intended parents: Intended parents / Disposition of embryos
Egg donors: Egg donor consent
Surrogates: Surrogate consent
Egg Freezing: Egg Freezing / Egg Disposition