Pharmacies , medication coverage, discounts

Most of the fertility medications are not available in regular pharmacies and need to be ordered from specialty fertility pharmacies as such:

Patients with no medication insurance coverage:

MDR pharmacy
(located in the lobby of the building – most convenient option)

Freedom fertility pharmacy

Northridge plaza pharmacy

Alto pharmacy

*The medications used during different kinds of cycles can be found here.

Most commonly used medication protocols for IVF and IUI:


Follistim 300iu OR Gonal F 300iu (amount: 5-10)
Menopur 75iu (amount: 8-25)
Ganirelix OR Cetrotide (amount: 3-5)
Lupron trigger OR Ovidrel (amount: 1)


Lupron 2 week kit (amount:1)
Follistim 300iu OR Gonal F 300iu (amount: 5-10)
Menopur 75iu (amount: 8-25)
Ovidrel OR HCG 10 000 OR Novarel (amount: 1)


Follistim 300iu OR Gonal F 300iu (amount: 1-2)

*The amount of ordered medications differs for every patient and might exceed the suggested amounts*


Ask the coordinator about your specific cycle medication you might be using during usual IUI / IVF cycle at 310.873.1800

Manufacturers offer discounts on some medications to eligible patients
(start your process ASAP – it takes a few business days to finalize):

(can be used at MDR pharmacy):

(can be used at Freedom, Northridge, Alto pharmacies):

***​Patients have to provide the pharmacy(by phone/email/fax) the discount information details in order to receive the approved discount  as the pharmacy does not have an access to the manufacturer’s database***

***Manufacturer can match other manufacturer’s discount if patients have a preference in the use of the pharmacies***

Patients with medication insurance coverage:

Process in a nutshell (can differ from insurance to insurance):

1. Clinic calls the insurance company for the medications coverage for patient’s convenience
2. Medications for the cycle(usually complete) are called in local / mail in SPECIALTY pharmacy
3. Once the prescription is processed(after reaching the PT, the pharmacy sends the doctor’s office prior authorization request(if needed) in order to dispense medication
4. Financial department requests PA forms, fill them out, confirm with physicians and fax over to prior authorization department
5. PA department of the insurance company reviews the forms USUALLY in 24-72 hours (sometimes longer)
6. At times additional treatment authorization is required
7. Once PA is approved/declined, the insurance company informs the dispensing pharmacy/clinic OR load approval/denial in the system for the pharmacy to access
8. Pharmacy contacts the patient for delivery of the shipment

***Please keep in mind that this entire process might take up to 5-7 business days therefore it’s  HIGHLY recommended to start this process AS SOON AS POSSIBLE before starting the cycle***